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Congratulations Dr. Tiwari

KETL is very pleased to announce that Dr. Shardul Tiwari successfully passed his dissertation defense on October 7th, 2022!

Dr. Tiwari has been the KETL Fellow and an essential team member at the heart of our efforts in research, teaching, and public education. His dissertation, The Energy Transition Through an Energy Justice Approach: A Pumped Underground Storage Hydro Study through Social, Economic, and Technical Lens, unifies all of the research threads at KETL. Through his writing, Shardul integrated his technical, economic, and policy expertise within a comprehensive view of energy justice as a unifying frame for development and planning.

Dr. Tiwari came to Michigan Tech with expertise in mechanical and power engineering, and extensive experience in development, sustainable energy systems, and energy policy. As a colleague, I cannot overstate the importance and centrality of Shardul's work in our study of PUSH at Negaunee, work supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and his ongoing role in projects funded by the National Science Foundation and other agencies. The best way for me to explain his contributions will be to share links to his publications as they emerge.

So far, these include:

Tiwari, S., Schelly, C., & Sidortsov, R. (2021). Developing a legal framework for energy storage technologies in the US: The case of pumped underground storage hydro. The Electricity Journal, 34(10), 107048. Link

Whipple, S., Tiwari, S., Osborne, T. C., Bowser, G., Green, S. A., Templer, P. H., & Ho, S. S. (2021). Engaging the Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research, 5(1), 4-15. Link

Additional publications are listed on Dr. Shardul Tiwari's profile on Google Scholar.

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