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PUSH project coverage

Our research team was mentioned in an article by John Flesher, discussing the opportunities and challenges with pump hydro storage and the growing need for grid-scale energy storage.

Mr. Flesher wrote:

A recent Michigan Technological University study identified hundreds of abandoned U.S. mines that could host pumped storage, with upper reservoirs at or near the surface and lower ones below ground.
They are close enough to transmission and distribution infrastructure and to solar and wind generating facilities, the report says.
“All these holes in the ground are ready to go,” said study co-leader Roman Sidortsov, an energy policy associate professor." (Link Here)

Our study case study in Negaunee, Michigan, showed that the mine could be ultra-long duration storage, providing continuous power to 30,000 people for 3.5 months--at a profit--once it is built. Developing some of the mines, selected from 1,000 possible sites, are in the public's interest to solve problems- using the energy transition as an opportunity to bring a sustainable economic resource to communities that have been abandoned by mining, as they struggle with reclamation and revitalization.

It's worth checking Roman Sidortsov's conversation with other scholars at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation series of discussions with the Environmental Defense Fund about the energy transition and energy justice. Link

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