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Wanted! Manager of Sustainability Programs for #MichiganTech...

Michigan Technological University wants to hire someone to become our new Manager of Sustainability Programs.

The formal description is in the job posting, of course, but in short summary:

The Department of Social Sciences is collaborating with the #MichiganTech Office of #Sustainability & #Resilience, and the #TechForward Initiative on Sustainability & Resilience. We seek someone to support sustainability efforts in our department and across the institution, collaborating with the Dean of Students, VP for Research, Enterprise Programs, and other departments and colleges.

"Core responsibilities include: 1) marketing and communications for sustainability degree programs, projects, and initiatives; 2) administrative and logistical support for new and ongoing sustainability initiatives; 3) identifying and supporting projects that increase sustainability performance and engagement; and 4) partnering across campus and in the community to develop and meet shared sustainability goals."

Our campus is putting resources into this strategic effort to grow our programs. This person will help shape those investments.

I am not on the search committee. If you are interested in my personal view, I'd love to see applicants with interests in #heritage and #archaeology focused on #sustainability. Archaeologists are uniquely qualified to link between scientists, engineers, artists, and communities. We need help expanding and coordinating student internships with community organizations and agency offices, with education and outreach programming, supporting student-led projects that embed them with the arts, maker communities, development and planning, ecology and agriculture, #placemaking, and #culturebuilding. Helping communities co-design solutions with attention to #justice and #equity as they plan for effective #energytransition, #climatechange, and #deindustrialization, among many other important issues.

"Tomorrow needs #MichiganTech." But tomorrow needs us today. Right now.

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