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KETL projects have received generous support from these organizations:


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

KETL researchers have collaborated with these organizations, agencies, or communities:


City of Negaunee, Michigan


Western Upper Peninsula Planning & Development Region Commission, serving eleven local governments.


WPPI is a member-owned, not-for-profit public power utility that serves 51 locally-owned electric utilities.

While there has been research that suggests that place can influence perceptions of energy systems in regions that are viewed as “natural”  (i.e., minimal energy development), less research has examined the perceptions of people living in regions with extensive energy development. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the views of those living with extensive energy development to better understand and predict how residents could view potential changes in their region.... 

residents of rural communities may be more likely to favor energy systems that utilize local natural resources that are readily available and are consistent with local residents’ perceptions of “place.” 

Amanda D. Boyd and Amanda Miller

"Climate Change, Energy Developments and Perceptions of Place."

Human Ecology Review 24.1 (2018): 3-22.

About the image: This is a detail from a photo of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula as the rising sun illuminates the clouds over Lake Superior. It was photographed by a NASA astronaut on the International Space Station, a member of the Expedition 53 crew, using a Nikon D4 digital camera using a 210 millimeter lens on September 3, 2017 (link).

The icon is "Information" by SELicon from the Noun Project (link).

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