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PUSH developments around the world.

A new article by @RhiannonHoyle provides a global overview of some Pumped Underground Storage Hydropower projects, including a summary of pro and con deliberations. Dr. Hoyle mentions Michigan Technological University's study of the Mather B Mine in Negaunee, Michigan, specifically identifying the work done by our Enterprise Team students. The Sustainability Enterprise identified about 1,000 mines in 15 states that could be used for large-scale #PUSH facilities-- they are big mines, near existing wind and/or solar generation (or potential for generation), near major lode-centers of population and transmission infrastructure, among other factors.

Beyond our detailed "pre-pre-feasibility study" of the Mather, we haven't yet been able to consider smaller scale projects, such as municipal systems, nor how PUSH could be integrated with mine-water geothermal systems or other tech or development strategies.

All the work to this point has has a similar focus- could a large, grid-scale, long-duration or ultra-long duration storage facility work, from the perspective of an energy company, ISO operator, or transmission company. The evolving social, political, and ecological situations are quickly showing the value of other perspectives on PUSH and adaptive reuse!

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