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Socio-Technological Guided Enhancement of Power Infrastructure Resilience

The National Science Foundation awarded KETL member Chelsea Schelly a 2020 EAGER research and development grant. Her co-PIs include Mostafa Sahraei Ardakani, Ge Ou, and Jianli Chen.

"Socio-Technological Guided Enhancement of Power Infrastructure Resilience" is an examination of why those people who are most likely to be harmed by the failure of the electrical grid are also likely to be the most vulnerable members of their communities in the United States, with those harms ranging from economic damages to loss of life. The project aims to identify how both social and utility grid infrastructures shape vulnerabilities so that we can strengthen both infrastructures and improve mitigation during disaster response.

More details are at this link and we will share updates as the project develops.

(NSF Office of Multidisciplinary Activities of the Directorate of Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, Award Number: 2121875)

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